PPMB Fishing Skirts


PPMB Fishing 
Skirts for buzzbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs, and chatterbaits
Custom Colors available
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Olney, MD

40 strand, silicone, hand tied skirts

Skirts come 5 to a pack

Call (301)-651-5420 for details

Custom colors available on request

Tournament Series

4 pack: $3.95

5 pack: $4.91

6 pack: $5.56

10 pack: $9.25

  •  Bama Bug (PPMB-T-BB) ( A great bream imitator)
  • Candy Craw (PPMB-T-CC) (Popular in the South)
  • Electric Craw (PPMB-T-EC) (Best Seller)
  • Junebug (PPMB-T-JB) (A Popular dirty water color)
  • Okeechobee craw (PPMB-T-OC)
  • Summer Craw (PPMB-T-SC)
  • Junebug/Chartreuse (PPMB-T-JC)

Original Series
  • Watermelon candy (PPMB-BT-WMC) (A great Florida Color!)
  • Black Blue Sapphire (PPMB-O-BBSP)
  • Baby Bass (PPMB-O-BB)
  • Black Blue Silver (PPMB-O-BBS.) (Best Seller)
  • Black Gold/Yellow (PPMB-O-BGY)
  • Green pumpkin copper Gold (PPMB-O-GPCG) ( A popular Golden Shiner imitator in Florida)
  • Green Pumpkin Silver (PPMB-O-GPS)
  • Watermelon Silver (PPMB-O-WMS)

                   Trying our skirts doesn't make you a sissy, it makes your sack big!

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