PPMB Fishing Skirts



Quotes "Hey man. I got the skirts in today and caught some fish on them already ! I could not be happier with the quality of these skirts ! Love them man!" Quotes
Hunter Gadd of Florida

Quotes "Got the skirts today and honestly I really like em! The diff i saw instantly in these and others made this way is the band doesn't just slide up and down easily..I like how it's in place.." Quotes
Josh Tittle of Arkansas

Quotes "Just got my hands on them!! Awesome! Can't wait to get them on a bait and in the water! Will send photos..." Quotes
Jim Barnick of Florida

Quotes "they are pretty nice. curious as to how long the band will last on them. I'm going to tie them on this afternoon to a couple baits and take them to the shops" Quotes
Kris Dew of Mississippi

Quotes "Yeah, they held up great .....now the trailer is a different story ..but I was catching anywhere from 5 to 10 fish on each one ...some on the last one ..."- Quotes
Randall Crabtree of Tennessee

Quotes "I got them and I must say that I was more impressed with them than I thought I would be. I'll put them to use this weekend and let you know what I think. I'm pretty sure I'll like the results. " Quotes
Brent Glover from Louisiana

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